Residential Electrical Services 

For more than 30 years, Berkeley Electric has been providing residential service by making Bay Area homes safer and more efficient places to live.

We maintain the highest standards in work performance and customer service, and we are able to provide references from many of our satisfied customers.


We offer a variety of essential electrical services to residential customers in the area. Whether we need to replace your worn and aging system or we need to handle electrical panel upgrades, we do it all. We work on wiring for all kinds of electrical systems, including knob & tube, romex, MC Cable, BX, and conduit. We also provide lighting for security, landscapes, and home interiors. Let us handle your electrical repair.
We can help you comply with current fire and safety standards. Insurance companies now require that homeowners replace their fuse boxes and knob & tube wiring with grounded wiring. We can help get your home up to code. Even the old Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panel/Breaker Hazard Summary breaker panels installed in homes built in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s are documented to be a fire hazard, so we can offer you the solutions you need to make your property safer.
Upgrading & Remodeling Your Home
We’ve worked on upgrades that involve conversions from overhead PG&E poles to underground systems in three-unit, two-unit, single-family and one-unit residences. Let us bring your home into the modern era!

Berkeley Electric works with homeowners and contractors on their remodels and renovation projects. Whether we are using plans for custom electrical renovations, following personal instructions or designing and building, we will give you the service and quality you expect for a competitive price. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Call now to request a quote on your service. 
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