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Your Trusted Warehouse Electrician in the Bay Area

It can be a challenge to find a good, reliable commercial electrician to work for your local business. Since 1984, Berkeley Electric has worked with business owners, builders, and property management companies of San Francisco’s East Bay. From local breweries to artisan shops or research & development companies, we take pride in helping local entrepreneurs who use electricity to create jobs and make our local economy prosper.

Whether you need just a minor tweak to your electrical wiring or you need an entire electrical rewiring or system installation for your commercial facility, our electricians can handle whatever you need. Outdated electrical systems in older properties can cause huge safety hazards. Electrical fires are a serious setback for commercial companies, so please call us for system maintenance, repair or installation services.

Read below to see some examples of how our commercial electrician can help you.

Commercial Electrician Services

Lighting/electrical upgrades
Fluorescent/LED/recessed lighting
Security lighting/motion detectors/timers
Power for new computer systems/large copiers
Energy-efficient lighting, including retrofitting of existing lighting
Troubleshooting and repairs
Tenant improvements
Power for heating/air conditioning
Lighting design
Bus bars/breakers
Magnetic/electronic starters
Fuses/circuit breakers
Safety inspections/testing
Code and insurance corrections
Wire tracing/detection
Work With Us
When you need a professional and experienced electrical contractor to handle your commercial repair or installation, count on our team. 

We have worked on a variety of systems in the past, and we look forward to getting started on your system today. Nothing is too big or small for us to handle. 

Call us today to learn more about our contracts and services! 
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